Will hiring a Nanny be the right thing for my family?


should we hire a nannyIf the idea of having a Nanny seems unnecessary or even silly, consider this: The U.S. Bureau of Labor reports that demand for Nannies will grow as rapidly as for mainstream jobs (such as IT, education, or food service) at least through 2018. Once employed by only the very wealthy, Nannies are steadily becoming a sensible addition to the lives of all children. Parents across social classes are realizing that life, parenthood, and even marriage go much more smoothly when Nannies are there to offer another pair of hands.

As a profession, the Nanny is frequently (albeit inaccurately) imagined as a surrogate parent, taking over the duties that Mom or Dad are too busy to do. While this has some basis in reality, Nannies are not hired for the purpose of raising children; instead, they serve as a parental assistant. While lawyer Mom finishes up a brief on Saturday afternoon, for example, Nanny fixes a healthful snack for the kids and takes them to the park. Or, while businessman Dad works late, Nanny picks up the kids from school or practice and starts dinner.

Nannies, however, are more than just errand-runners. Imagine how wonderful it would be to know that you never have to scramble to find a babysitter at the last minute. Imagine meeting your spouse after work for a meal, secure in the knowledge that Nanny will fix dinner and make sure homework gets done. Nannies provide children with a stable, responsible (and even fun!) adult presence when Mom or Dad can’t be there.

Still not convinced that a Nanny is right for your family? The answer may lie in the kind of relationship you want to have with your children versus the one you currently have. If it seems that you’re always too busy driving, cooking, or doing laundry to really listen to and hang out with your kids, a Nanny might be the solution. Instead of playing taxi driver, chef, or maid, you’ll get to be Mom or Dad, and your children will get you – unfussed, attentive, and relaxed.