From Disney World and Okefenokee to Miami Beach and the Keys, Ellie Blu Agency South Florida is a dream come true for moms in the Sunshine State. Imagine your newborn baby rocking gently in the arms of a Ellie Blu Agency Newborn Care Specialist on a beautiful summer day while you and your spouse relax together with a cold beverage. Or how about enjoying a long, romantic vacation with your sweetheart knowing your child is safe with one of our caring, attentive Nannies. Nothing to worry about and everything to love – that’s the promise of Ellie Blu Agency South Florida.

Ellie Blu Agency South Florida has years of experience granting the wishes of new Florida moms who want their newborn to have it all – but still need to get some sleep! Our Newborn Care Specialists will make sure Mommy gets all the rest and recuperation she needs while providing loving, attentive care for baby. From day one, your personal Newborn Care Specialist will ease baby into a regular feeding schedule, begin sleep training, and even help with breastfeeding issues. Once your child is past infancy, consider one of our excellent full-time Nannies, all of whom are skilled at tending to the physical and emotional needs of children.

Motherhood can be as easy as a day at the beach if you have the right care and support. If you’re presently awaiting the arrival of (or just received!) your own little ray of Florida sunshine, please contact Ellie Blu Agency South Florida. Together we can discuss your childcare needs and help you prepare for the most beautiful days of your life.


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