Do you know someone, perhaps a past employer or acquaintance that may be looking to hire household staff? Think about each person you’ve worked for or who has employed a nanny or other household staff in the past. Go through each person, one by one. If you have someone in mind, that’s the person you should introduce us to! We love to help people, and there are benefits in our referral program, both to you and the client you put us in contact with.


  • The top reason you should use our referral service is that it will help the person you refer to us. Hiring a nanny can be laborious, time consuming and stressful! Our clients are busy people and their time is valuable to them. They benefit from our services because we are specialized in recruiting staff and can find higher quality staff than they likely could, and we can do it in a shorter time frame. Our service is a convenience that makes their life easier.

  • The next reason you should use our referral service is the direct benefit to you. When your referral pays us for a job, you will get a portion of the agency placement fee, just for putting us in touch with them! We offer a 10% referral fee, which is usually between $300-$1000 for a nanny, depending on the size and scope of the job.

  • We look forward to your referral. We are eager to serve your contacts and share the good fortune with you! We want to thank you for reading this, and taking your time to think about everyone who may benefit from our services. We hope to hear from you today!