Long Island Baby Nurse


Long Island Baby Nurses in the Big Apple

Baby NurseNew York is a thrilling place for any child to grow up, whether she hails from the beach or the mountains. For a Baby Nurse, Long Island in particular is lovely for helping Mom and Dad settle into life as new parents. It’s a stone’s throw from the city, yet far enough away to enable a Long Island Baby Nurse to help introduce baby to a life of peace and quiet.

Ellie Blu Agency provides Long Island and the rest of New York with Baby Nurses and myriad other childcare professionals. Our Baby Nurses are specially trained and highly experienced in the art of easing newborns through the first few months of life while offering guidance and support to new parents. Retaining a Long Island Baby Nurse from Ellie Blu Agency will allow you to continue your daily commute (if you wish) while providing the peace of mind that comes only from trusting completely your new baby’s caregiver.

A Long Island Baby Nurse, as well as the rest of Ellie Blu Agency ‘s caregivers, is an individual – usually a female – who offers newborn-specific care and attention to your baby. Within just days of bringing your newborn home from the hospital, your Baby Nurse will put him or her on a feeding and sleeping schedule that meshes with your routine, enabling you to continue your New York lifestyle. While working with your family on Long Island, Baby Nurses may stay in your home or come daily for just a few hours. Whatever your needs, Ellie Blu Agency can provide a skilled, compassionate, and flexible Baby Nurse.

Worried about the new-parenthood learning curve? Don’t be. You’ll be wowing your New York friends in no time with the confidence you build after just a couple of weeks with your Long Island Baby Nurse. Your Baby Nurse will be happy to answer questions, demonstrate proper feeding and holding techniques, and dispel any newborn-related myths you may have heard. Instead of entrusting your newborn to a babysitter or relative, you’ll rest easy knowing your little angel is in the arms of a true professional.

If you’re a new mom or dad on Long Island, Baby Nurses from Ellie Blu Agency can be the perfect answer to your childcare needs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to begin the process of matching you and your child to one of our many excellent Baby Nurses.