LaundressEnjoy the Benefits of a Laundress from Ellie Blu Agency

Any domestic staffer can toss clothes into the washing machine, but a professional Laundress can provide skilled and knowledgeable care for your clothing and other fabrics. Ellie Blu matches clients with Laundresses whose experience with fabric care, cleaning, and maintenance has rendered them sartorial experts. Our Laundresses handle all clothing-related tasks, including steaming, pressing, ironing, and even mending, and see to the outside care (i.e., dry-cleaning) of other household fabrics. If you own an extensive wardrobe, a Laundress from Ellie Blu can catalog and organize the items so that you can access them quickly; if you have a large family with lots of clothing, she will ensure all laundry is cleaned, folded, and placed back in each closet after its use.

Laundresses may also assist with seasonal organization of your family’s clothing. Many of our clients maintain large seasonal wardrobes – such as skiwear for the winter – that require storage and special care between uses. Depending on the client’s needs, a Laundress may even be responsible for the care and cleaning of non-clothing accessories. Laundresses usually receive between $20 and $25 per hour, depending upon her skills and experience, in addition to benefits. Please contact Ellie Blu Agency today to start the process of finding the right Laundress for your family.

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