House ManagerThinking of Adding a House Manager to Your Domestic Staff?

If you and your family require particularly attentive personal service from your leading domestic staff member, a House Manager may be the answer. Often used interchangeably with that of Butler, the title of House Manager is given to an individual who is highly competent in and experienced with a large variety of household and service duties. House Managers frequently have a strong background in hotel or restaurant management (particularly high-end establishments) and have strong supervisory, problem-solving, and social skills. They usually act as liaison between employer and other groups, including more junior members of the household staff and outside contractors.

A successful House Manager is adaptable to the needs of his employer and handles pressure well. Although many of our clients require House Managers due to the large size of their home, House Managers are also appropriate for extremely busy clients who lack the time for everyday household matters. The salary range for House Managers is between $70,000 and $120,000, depending upon the candidate’s experience and education. We encourage you to contact Ellie Blu today to discuss your needs. We look forward to assisting you in hiring the perfect House Manager for your home.

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