domestic couple

Hiring a Domestic Couple for Your Estate

Instead of assembling your household team piecemeal, consider hiring a Domestic Couple to care for your home inside and out. A well-matched pair can run your home much more effectively than a housekeeper or butler alone. For your convenience, Ellie Blu Agency specializes in providing efficient, competent Domestic Couples capable of managing even a large estate.

A Domestic Couple usually consists of a husband and wife. One manages the home’s interior, attending to needs such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, serving and planning meals and general household oversight. The other services the exterior of the home, caring for the grounds and garden, making small repairs, performing light maintenance and occasionally caring for any family vehicles.

Every family is different, and Ellie Blu Agency will work closely with you to ensure that you select a Domestic Couple compatible with your lifestyle and requirements. We can also provide guidance on hiring a Domestic Couple if you prefer to retain help for only the interior of your home.

Retaining a Domestic Couple from Ellie Blu Agency comes with a guarantee of excellent quality and extremely attentive care for your home and belongings. In return, it is customary to provide your Domestic Couple with housing and appropriate compensation. Average compensation for a Domestic Couple ranges from $60,000 to $150,000, but Ellie Blu Agency recommends you discuss salary with candidates before coming to an agreement.

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