Selecting a Companion from Ellie Blu Agency

Daily errands and appointments can be tedious and inconvenient for an individual by him or herself. Even a relatively simple task, such as finding a parking space, can become a time-consuming irritation when you’re trying to get things done. If you’re a busy, social individual, consider hiring a Companion from Ellie Blu Agency.

Contrary to popular belief, Companions are not just for elderly individuals. Companions serve people of all ages, occupations and lifestyles who need or simply want someone to handle the minutiae of everyday life. For example, your Companion might run small errands for you, accompany you to the doctor’s office and check in for you, serve as your driver or just provide a little company while you go about your daily tasks. Some Companions also assist with certain essential daily activities. Most Companions receive annual compensation between $30,000 and $60,000.

Companions can also offer something infinitely more valuable than errand-running services – a break from the monotony of daily routine. Maybe you’re a new empty-nester, with both children at university and your spouse at work during the day. Or perhaps you’ve retired and want some company and a little help with everyday tasks. Whatever your situation may be, a Companion from Ellie Blu Agency can help.

Ellie Blu Agency team will be there to offer guidance throughout the process of interviewing and selecting the right Companion for you. We are excited to help you make this important decision and encourage you to contact Ellie Blu Agency today!

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