Enjoy the Convenience of a Private Chef!

The dinner table is where even the busiest of families gather to enjoy delicious food and quality time. Wouldn’t you rather be there instead of in the kitchen? Many of our clients have realized the enormous value of employing a Private Chef and we believe you will too. Ellie Blu Agency accepts only highly qualified and experienced Chefs and will work with you to find the most suitable candidate for your home.

Naturally, a Private Chef is concerned first and foremost with all things culinary. Your kitchen will become his or her headquarters for planning and overseeing family meals and events in your home. Your Chef will be responsible for assembling menus based on your family’s preferences and dietary needs. Some Chefs are also tasked with providing meals for the rest of the household staff. Chefs care for and maintain the kitchen and all its components, shop for groceries and keep the pantries organized.

The type of Chef you employ depends largely upon your family’s needs. Families who frequently entertain at home may prefer a school-trained gourmet chef, while those whose needs are more casual may opt for a general cook. There is dramatic variation in Chef compensation depending on education, training and experience, but employers may expect to pay annually a low of $40,000 for a basic cook and upward to $150,000 for a specially educated and very experienced Chef.

Ready to get out of the kitchen for good? Contact Ellie Blu Agency today and let us assist you in the search for the perfect Private Chef.

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