For especially large homes or those with many staff members, a Butler is almost essential. His employment leaves you free from worry about the smooth running of your household, as a Butler plays a largely supervisory role over the rest of the staff. The team at Ellie Blu Agency can help you search for, interview and select a Butler whose knowledge, skills and experience match your household’s needs.

Ellie Blu Agency recommends hiring a Butler particularly for families who entertain often. He will oversee your service staff during events in your home and ensure that everything proceeds according to your wishes, in addition to taking special care of your china, crystal and silver. Employing a Butler also means you’ll rest assured of never running out of any essential items, preserving your reputation as a gracious and attentive host or hostess.

A Butler can also lend your home a very distinct air of sophistication, since traditionally Butlers have a strong knowledge of food and wine. When you’re too busy to attend to the details of social functions at your home, your Butler can advise on the menu and wine selection. Although it is not required by every employer, many Butlers also possess computer skills.

A Butler is an excellent addition to any household staff and can provide valuable leadership, especially for younger staff members. Butler compensation ranges from a low of $60,000 to up to and exceeding $150,000. If you think your home could benefit from the presence of a Butler, please contact us to begin the process of selection. We welcome your questions and look forward to helping you choose the newest member of your home.

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