Discreet, Trustworthy Service From Ellie Blu Agency

Ellie Blu Agency is the leading household staffing firm in the country. If you think good help is hard to find, you’re about to be pleasantly surprised. Ellie Blu Agency is a full-service household staffing agency, dedicated to matching your family to the very best in the business. Our thorough screening techniques, paired with the careful attention we pay to each family’s unique needs, makes Ellie Blu Agency the first choice of  households everywhere.

Ellie Blu Agency staffs the full spectrum of household employees, all of whom are subject to rigorous scrutiny in the form of background, driving record, Social Security and criminal record checks. We also require and verify numerous professional references to ensure that each candidate’s skills and experience meet our standards of excellence.

Our agency is built on principles highly valued by the clientele we serve. Integrity, discretion and trust are paramount in this business and we take our clients’ privacy very seriously. When you partner with Ellie Blu Agency to fulfill your domestic staffing needs, you may confidently rely on our discreet professionalism to guide you through the hiring process.

We encourage you to contact Ellie Blu Agency team today, to discuss your household requirements and we look forward to a successful professional relationship with you and your family.


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